A very well written article about how education went wrong.

By on April 21, 2013
I love this article! Some highlights for me:
I completely agree we have taken away the things that make school fun and wonderful for kids, and replaced it by working towards this one-size-fits-all assessment.
I have personally seen parents who can leave the system and parents who can’t, who are forced to stay. I have seen the exact same thing with teachers.
This too shall pass. We will look back in awe that it happened in the first place, shaking our heads and trying to explain where it all went wrong.
How a Crackpot Education Reform Theory Became National Policymark

How a Crackpot Education Reform Theory Became National Policymarkhttp://www.laprogressive.com/crackpot-education-reform/Mark Naison: Someday, Test Based Education Reform will go the way of Prohibition. But not before incalculable damage is done to the nations children

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